I appreciate you

I appreciate you, didn’t you see that?

I am proud and honored that I’m your girl 

But I’m prouder and more honored that you are mine.


You were, are and will always be my forever love

Every time you look at me with so much love and tenderness, I appreciate you…

Every time you hold your temper because I irritate you, I appreciate you…

Every time you make me laugh and make things easier for me, I appreciate you 

And even when you’re mad at me but still hold it in, I appreciate you

I know my flaws and they are ugly but you stick it out with me for the longest time now

For that,  I appreciate you….

For keeping me in my place, for making me realized how much you mean to me, I appreciate you…

I guess you don’t know all these ‘coz I never showed it,

Still you loved me and for that, you’re appreciated….

Now that I’ve told you, Can you please give me a chance to show you?


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