My Happiness

Today, I’m happy and that’s all because of you.
Thank You!
For not giving me up…For being there and being very supportive.
Thank You!
For your love,
for taking care of me,
for making me believe in forever again,
for all the lessons you taught me,
for being you,
for giving m a unique lover and friend
for believing in me,
for making me realize that I am way better than I think I am,
that I am way stronger than I thought,
that life is beautiful because you are in it.
Thank You!
for making me smile more than i used to
for helping me bring back my confidence,
for me being ale to call myself a “bitch” again and just laugh about it,
for being proud that you are with me,
for making me fell loved, and wanted, and needed,
for being my better half,
thank you!



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