My Lesson and My Forever

They said that you are my lesson and not my forever. But I don’t want you to just be my lesson. I want you to be my lesson and my forever. Please be it coz I really want my forever to be filed with lessons.

You have brought out all of what’s me and I’m tankful for that. It’s t everyday that someone will meet someone like that. I guess I’m one f the lucky few.

It’s not everyday that someone can bring a queen to her knees, but you did that. You humbled me when i needed humbling. You gave me pain so i can appreciate joy, yu brought me rock-bottom so i can rise again. You made me experience hate and now, I’m basking inn so much love.

You made me realize that one can’t exist without the other, that there can never be day without the night.

You did all that and it made me love you even more.

You weakened me and now I know how strong I am.



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